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Building Wealth Through Multifamily Real Estate Investments 

Integrity • Passion • Excellence


Are you looking for ways to build passive income? Multi unit real estate investing gives you another option with demonstrated above average returns and less volatility than the stock market. Institutional investors and corporations are not the only ones who can buy and benefit from commercial real estate. Individuals can participate in the purchase and sale of these types of assets and reap the rewards from the income, tax benefits and profit they generate, and the best part is you can do it passively. The world of multi unit investing is now more accessible to busy working professionals who desire above average returns on their investments, yet do not have the time or know how to acquire or manage this type of asset class. As a passive investor you are able to reap the tax benefits and share in the cash flow returns while allowing others to do the work, and collectively pool other people’s money together through a legal process called syndication.  


We help busy professionals and business owners build wealth with opportunities to passively invest in commercial apartment buildings and multi unit communities. Historically these benefits have been known only to the wealthy but we are committed to sharing these same wealth building opportunities through education and asset acquisition.  If you are looking to improve the performance of your 401K or IRA, not comfortable with the volatility of the stock market, or want to diversify your investments in real estate but don’t have the time or know how, we can help. We open up opportunities for you to participate in larger multi unit acquisitions and benefit from the income produced by sharing in the cash flow, and profiting from the equity when the property is sold. Our passion is to help individuals and families build a path to financial freedom through the acquisition and management of this larger asset class. 


How does it work? We partner with experienced owners and operators across the country by doing the market research to find the best value add properties in growing and emerging markets. Using our team of experts in acquisition, finance, renovations, market research and property operations, we negotiate and purchase these assets through a conservative underwriting strategy to maximize above average returns for investors. Once all the capital required is raised and financing is in place, escrow is closed and turn over begins. The income generated is distributed each month at a preferred rate to the investor. At the end of the holding period the asset is sold and profits are shared. 


Legacy Equities LLC is a privately held rеаl еѕtаtе invеѕtment соmраnу with a fосuѕ оn U.S. multi fаmilу араrtmеntѕ and communities. Based out of Northern California, the company offers investment opportunities for accredited and sophisticated investors who seek to improve their returns on their investments or diversity their portfolio. We believe in operating with the highest level of integrity and transparency with our highest priority as treating everyone’s money like its our own. In addition, we are committed to investing our own funds into each transaction to ensure we have skin in the game and allowing us to share in the risk and rewards with our investors. 

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